Aesthetic Body Design specializes in multi-technology treatment plans individually designed for each and every client. Our multitude of options allows us to treat all ages and sizes. Click below to learn more about our service offerings and the technologies used.



Face + Neck

Utilizing luxury technology from around the world – including Italy, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Britain, and the USA – Aesthetic Body Design has created effective, non-invasive solutions for face and neck, using luxury technology from around the world –

Breast + Butt

Aesthetic Body Design offers non-surgical options for both lifting breasts and butt, as well as more advanced technology, currently popular in Britain and across Europe, to actually enlarge and enhance breast and butt tissue.


Design Your Body – Aesthetic Body Design doesn’t believe in living with the body you inherited or the body that has developed due to external, uncontrollable circumstances – for example – pregnancy or large weight fluctuations. We also believe there are much better, safer, and more effective options out there than surgery.

Just 4 Men

When the gym is just not good enough…If you want a leaner, more muscular body – we can offer the non-invasive equivalent of liposuction = permanent fat cell loss through Ultrasonic Cavitation, EMS, and HIFU.


Specialized programs just for teens.

Friends + Family

Specialized programs to share with your loved ones.

Hollywood Body Makeover

For the client who wants to do it ALL!

VIP Memberships + Maintenance Plans

We offer special programs and pricing that provide the maintenance needed for long-term success with your results.

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