Just 4 Men

Body Aesthetics – When the gym is just not good enough…

If you want a leaner, more muscular body – we can offer the non-invasive equivalent of liposuction = permanent fat cell loss through Ultrasonic Cavitation, EMS, and HIFU.

Just 4 Men

If you want a leaner, more muscular body – we can offer the non-invasive equivalent of liposuction = permanent fat cell loss through Ultrasonic Cavitation, EMS, and HIFU.

Aesthetic Body Design also specializes in muscle stimulators (EMS) that can target muscle development and growth that is impossible to achieve in the gym. It has the ability to burn adipose tissue (outer storage of fat) as well as visceral fata (fat under the muscle).  This can lean out areas that don’t seem to change in the gym – no matter how many protein shakes you drink and minutes doing lifting or cardio you do.  We can also help diminish stretch marks and loose skin from dramatic weight loss – specifically on areas of the abdominal, lower back (flank), arms and chest area.

Facial Aesthetics – We offer services for men who want to look younger, more toned, more lean in their face and neck.  If you are a man who wants to capture a strong jawline, smooth face, and good skin, we have specialized facial programs that will make you look and feel younger, without the augmentation of neural inhibitors and fillers, as well as no downtime or pain.

Sessions can range from 5-15 sessions depending on your goals, current structure and skin health.

What plan is best for you? Contact us today to meet with a consultant for your personalized treatment plan.

Technologies used in our Men’s programs:

4D high intensity light technology reduces pockets of unwanted fat painlessly when diet and exercise fail by shrinking down fat cell membranes and draining fat content. Researched and designed by Dr. Nogier, Dr. Bahr and Mr. Bruno ( physicist and mathematician), the 4D Lipolaser was created. With four wavelengths, these Mistubishi diode laser, it is the most effective version of Liposculpt available on the market today. Not only is it extremely effective to reduce fat, but also improves a healthy state in the body – improving scars, stretch marks and other skin conditions.

Called the non-invasive version of liposuction, our Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment uses high powered, low frequency ultrasound to reduce fat and cellulite. Our Cavitation uses a powerful 32k ultrasound to penetrate the skin and assist with the breakdown of fat cells by creating micro-bubbles that increase the pressure around the adipocyte and forces them to implode, thus breaking down the adipocytes’ cell membrane. This causes permanent cell death and is one of the safest, and most effective fat reduction treatments on the market today.

High-intensity focused ultrasound goes deep into the subcutaneous fat layer by turning the energy source into individual hot condensation points to destroy the unexpected fat cells, reduce unexpected fat cells, stimulate the contraction and thickening of collagen simultaneously, stimulate elastic fiber, unexpected fat cells decomposed into triglyceride, excreted through the body’s metabolism to get the effect of body shaping.

Radio Frequency Therapy is a non-invasive/non-surgical treatment to address fine lines and loose skin. This procedure uses energy waves to heat the deep layers of your skin (dermis), thus stimulating the production of fibroblasts, which play a critical role in the production of collagen and wound healing. When the energy waves make contact, they trigger tissue contraction, effectively resulting in tighter skin.

Low intensity suction and radio-frequency stimulates skin tissues, enhances blood and lymph flow, and also stimulates the regeneration of collagen, making the skin smooth and firm quickly, which assists in skin tightening.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is indicated for the improvement of abdominal tone and strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as strengthening, toning, buttocks, thighs, and arms. It also has the ability of burning visceral fat as well as increasing the metabolism.

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